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Winter Essentials Workbook

Winter Essentials Workbook

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In this short version of the Winter Essentials Workbook are displayed the basic pieces you need in order to create an elegant wardrobe, where all the garments will look fabulous combined together! Experiment with all the potential combinations you can make to create stylish outfits.


This workbook works best if you already know how to style your outfits, but need a little bit of help in organizing your wardrobe. Have this short version of workbook as a guide to decide witch garments you should keep, if you already have, or buy, to make your styling choices even faster and have a clear vision on what garments you need to pull out of the wardrobe for you stylish outfits.


In the full version you will find the goal-setting section to define your fashion aspirations and set a clear path towards achieving your unique style objectives and the "Decluttering" section, offering invaluable tips and tricks to declutter your closet and make room for the outfits that truly resonate with your authentic self.


In both versions you’ll find some expert fashion tips to always look on flick!

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